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About Us



Bubblecakes Boutique was founded in 2012 with the intent to bring wholesome ingredients to your home. Sisters Marijo and Janice are the founders of Bubblecakes.

Janice is a nurse and her work with dialysis patients were at the root of our inspiration to expand our business. We kept gifting them products and the demand became higher and higher. Janice is now in Texas and Marijo in Oregon- which is where the business now resides with her husband Marty.

We started out by creating melt and pour soaps and then taught ourselves how to make cold pressed soaps. Making changes and enhancing our product is something we do regularly. Experimenting, modifying, testing on ourselves, and creating more products is the root of our business operations.

Our bath bombs, shower steamers, body polish, lotions, and soaps do not contain phthalates, formaldehyde, or parabens, and is never tested on animals. 

Each formula is made by scratch with the intent of keeping your family safe. The FDA doesn't regulate store bought beauty products very closely, which is why beauty and skincare only have 11 ingredients banned in the United States. The UK has around 1300 ingredients banned, so it is our job to ensure that there are safer, easily accessible options out there for the consumer to purchase.

We purchase most of our ingredients locally in Oregon, including essential oils and botanicals, fragrances, clays, shea, mango and cocoa butter, fresh cow and goat milk, argan, grapeseed and coconut oils.

Our tenacity paid off because in early 2018, Marijo obtained a contract to provide bath bombs to New Seasons Markets across the entire west coast.

Marijo and Marty live in Oregon and have four children and three grandchildren whom they love dearly and include in the operations of the business.

We are open to feedback and welcome the opinions of our customers on our products and if you have a request for a new scent or product superpower please don’t hesitate to contact us.